Although I have many more design styles, as well as different types of clothing to put them on, these are the designs I'm offering here on the web. For the others you'll just have to come to see them in person because pictures just can't do them justice! Also note that for online ordering purposes I'm only offering the basic Port & Company short sleeve T-Shirt. Again, for long sleeve, V neck, underwear or sarongs you'll have to come to a show to see them in person. Besides, and this is the big picture, this way I can keep prices down and make tiedye affordable for all of us!

The Spiral Rainbow.

The Spiral Rainbow with Spiderweb.

The Spiral Scrunch.

A Two Tone "T".

The Circle Pattern.

Circle Scrunch Style.

The Ever Popular Heart.

Heart Scrunch Style.

The Flying "V".

The "V" Scrunch Style

The "Z" Pattern.

"Z" as a Scrunch.

My Very Own Creation an Oxymoron in Itself! A Square Tie-Dye Shirt!

Squared Scrunch.

A Patriotic Square.

A Diagonal Difference.

Most Colors Work With This One.

A Diamond In The Scrunch. Not Pictured is just a regular Diamond Tie-dye, which I don't offer over the internet.

For That Musician Who Thought They Had Everything! No Scrunch Style Available for this Pattern.

A Special Scrunch Random Style. Each One Unique.

Even More Unique!

Everyones Favorite The Peace Sign Tiedye Shirt!

Ready to order? Then continue on to the print out page and follow instructions. Have questions? Don't we all? Just E-mail me here and I'll do what I can to get an answer.
E-mail me at or with your name, phone number, best times to call you, AND (especially if your not local here in So. California) Your e-mail address.


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